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Experience the joy of no hassle dressing; knowing you have an outfit for every occasion, having all the missing pieces to create the complete outfit including all the appropriate accessories.

The Perfect Wardrobe

Imagine opening your closet and seeing everything, organized by colour, season, and lifestyle category, and being able to wear all your purchases because they have at least one or more clothing item they will coordinate with. Wake up in the morning, get ready for a function or pack for a trip without rushing or wracking your brain about what to wear or pack.

Have Dominique create modules of clothing perfectly matched to your personality and your lifestyle. Modules [also known as capsules] consist of enough colour coordinated, mix and match clothing to meet each of your lifestyle needs, including all the appropriate accessories.

Shopping will become a breeze when armed with a shopping list of items needed to fill in the gaps, money will be saved by purchasing items you really need rather than having them hang in your closet because you have nothing to go with them. You will learn how to mix and match items from various modules to create new combinations and how to fashion new and exciting options with the use of accessories.

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Wardrobe Module Creations allow you to:

  • Navigate your closet with ease and confidence
  • Create new outfits from existing items
  • Find new ways to extend your wardrobe using accessories   
  • Create a personal shopping strategy, highlighting what gaps need to be filled in your wardrobe.
  • Save time and money shopping with an educated understanding of your wardrobe needs
  • Know which accessories will make or break a first impression in 5 seconds or less
  • Always have the correct outfit for any occasion
  • Pull it all together effortlessly