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A person with accessories that match their personality and personal brand

How much is too much, and what is not enough.
You have 5 seconds to make that first impression, what are your accessories saying about you? Your personality will determine the type of accessories you will wear.
Which personality type are you?

By finding different ways of using the same accessory, using that accessory on a different outfit, or buying a few new accessories each season to update your basic wardrobe, you will save a bundle. This is by far the easiest and most cost-effective way of updating or reinventing any outfit. Plus you can change the mood and feel to reflect your mood or the occasion.

And as an added bonus, accessories are absolutely your best friends on any trip. They enable you to pack just a few basics but still come up with any number of dynamite looks to fit any business or social obligation.

Dominique will assist you in determining your own personal brand. All your accessories should be an extension and expression of your personality.

The only limit to putting together the perfect outfit is your imagination

Accessorizing will allow you to:

  • Cost effectively update your wardrobe
  • Change the mood and feel of any outfit
  • Create new looks with same clothing
  • Take trends and make them your own
  • Show your personality
  • Have fun