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ADVISOR.CA November 2011

REVIVE MAGAZINE June 2011 pg 40+42  

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"Dominique organized my wardrobe, putting color and styles together that I would have never thought of... The "closet analysis" and 'shop your closet' session organized my closet making getting dressed so easy. I have new stylish outfits to wear from my existing clothes, which is saving me money! I can find new looks quick and match up clothes that I would never have thought of before... Dominique came to my rescue and has taken "getting-it-all-together" to another level....what a great way to keep me dressed for success and have less stress in the closet! Dominique, thank you for the great wardrobe advice! Now we have to set you up with my husband's closet!"

Vera Bond -Corporate Wellness Expert. Scottsdale, Az

Dear Dominique,

"Thank you so much for all your help. You are absolutely amazing. I am so grateful for the opportunity of working with you to create my own personal style. I love being a girl and love looking great and feminine. I totally needed your help in going through my closet, deciding what was good to keep, what would go to charity, and what I needed to have a complete working wardrobe.

I have a busy life and can my activities range from totally relaxed and at home to black tie events. After we organized my closet, you made a list of what I needed. I gave you a budget and you stuck to it. Now every morning, no matter whether it is a business meeting or the grocery store, I put myself together and feel amazing. I don't have to even think about it.

I totally know what my personal style is now which has stopped the impulse buying. I feel organized and I never feel stressed about what to wear anymore. Thank you so much. This has been a great life changing experience in more ways than one."

Sheila Smith

 "I only wish I had known this information a long time ago. It is so clear to me now how unflattering certain colors can be on me and what an enormous difference it makes to be wearing the right colors to suit my personal complexion.

I am unbelievably grateful to Dominique for her incredible eye for picking out styles I would not even have considered myself. She can pick out an outfit and it ends up being perfect for me. Being so up on the trends, I feel so confident with her choices. My husband has loved every single item, in fact he would like me to have Dominique shop with me every time, as it has been such a positive change for me.

Well thanks to her great eye and our newfound knowledge of what colors are a definite NO for me, we were able to sort my wardrobe into only what suits me best and is still in fashion. I love knowing that whatever I pick to wear will be a good choice!"

Fiona Gotfredson - La Jolla, California


"Dominique has this very unique ability to pull pieces of clothing together, whether off the rack, or from your very own closet. This is all accomplished with style, and exquisite taste. If you are purchasing from a boutique, department store, or courtier, Dominique will dress you to suit your particular style and taste and all within your budget. From your very own closet, Dominique will find many ways to create an outfit, which will not cost you a penny! You will be well looked after with Dominique as your personal shopper."

Maggie B, Toronto

"It was indeed a pleasure to meet Dominique Vaughan-Russell. She has a phenomenal ability to zero in on the client's needs while maintaining a direct, professional, kind and personal manner. I had just met her and her understanding of fashion and enhancing one's beauty impressed me such that I retained her on the spot.

Dominique demonstrates great understanding and valuable knowledge of how to maximize one's beauty, shape, size, lifestyle needs, unique personality and style while minimizing their flaws and accentuating their best features.

I have great confidence in her ability to realize one's fashion and image potential and certainly would not hesitate to contact her for further consultant requirements."

Helene Shifman


To Whom it May Concern;

"Dominique Vaughan-Russell has enhanced the Customer Service course for the students of the Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure program with her lecture on Etiquette. Her delivery of the material and the relevance to our "first impressions" program was first class.

With equal passion and thoroughness Dominique came and presented the same material three times the same week to close to 150 students. Her class management skills enabled her to engage the millennial learners for the duration of close to 2 hours in discussions of etiquette, business dressing and cultural awareness.

I would not hesitate in recommending her to present with a flair and confidence necessary in any forum.

Once again, it is with much appreciation and thanks from the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management at George Brown College I am writing this letter. I do look forward to working with her again next semester.

Yours Sincerely,"

Donna M. Lee , B.A., M.A.
Professor/Academic Co-ordinator
Hospitality Tourism and Leisure
George Brown College