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Professional packing, wardrobe modules for the stylish traveler including international trends in fashion.

What to Wear, Where?
Who has time to worry or even think about what to pack for a trip? With the weight restrictions and space constraints of today's travel, planning a wardrobe for any trip, whether it be for pleasure or business, is a challenge. It can become a stressful and often overwhelming task.

As a global traveler, Dominique knows how to be prepared and she is able to advise you on international trends that could help you in your planning. If you are a busy executive or a hassle-free vacation seeker, Dominique can shop for or with you for travel wear, and even pack for you.

He who would travel happily must travel light

Stylish Travel Planning Will Allow You To:

  • Be prepared with a wardrobe itinerary for business or pleasure that allows you to pack light, dress sharp and be comfortable.
  • Pack less and wear more through wardrobe modules that allow you to maximize your outfits via mix and match solutions for your every mood or occasion.
  • Free up your time to concentrate on business or pleasure without the hassle of thinking about what to wear, where.