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Social etiquette with poise

Social etiquette is not just about manners. It's about civility and your mastery of simple guidelines and effective tools that will carry you through any situation with confidence, class and style, helping you to make the best possible impression. Because of her International background and her training as an Image Consultant, Dominique is uniquely qualified to share her expertise with you in maximizing your social etiquette.
With the confidence you gain, "Did I do the right thing?" will be a thought of the past


~~  Unlock the power to change your life  ~~

Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot

Understanding Social Etiquette Will Allow You To:

  • Organize successful events that your guests will remember
  • Know the duties and responsibilities of the host and the guest
  • Work the crowd with confidence and grace
  • Learn about the rules of gift giving
  • Behave appropriately during life changing events: weddings, pregnancies, and funerals