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Stylish shopping bags from a personal shopping consultation.

Dominique is an experienced shopping consultant and has your, and only your, best interests at heart. As your personal stylist, she will guide you in presenting yourself to your best possible advantage and in reaching your maximum potential.

A trained and certified image consultant with extensive experience in the fashion industry, Dominique takes all aspects of your personality, lifestyle, body type and budget into consideration when planning a personal shopping session. Dominique will help avoid the costly mistake of selecting garments that just end up hanging in your closet. Learn how to zero in on your complimentary colours. Save time and money as you narrow the selection to clothing that suits your body shape, personality and lifestyle needs, and come away with a wardrobe that is stylish, appropriate, and that fits you and your budget.

Stylish shopping bags from a personal shopping consultation.

Professional Shopping Includes:

  • Needs Assessment - a Wardrobe Analysis session is most helpful in determining your needs prior to a shopping session, and is highly recommended.
  • Pre-Shopping and Scouting - Some of the legwork will be done prior to a shopping trip to make sure you head to stores that suit your needs and your budget
  • Personal Shopping - your time will be utilized economically. You will be guided to stores that have been hand selected for you, you will be set up in a changing room, and the items will be laid out for you to try on in comfort. The time is yours, whether you are a gung-ho shopper who likes to keep moving, or someone who prefers a more relaxing experience; then coffee, or lunch breaks will be worked into the schedule. You will learn that shopping can be fun and rewarding.
  • Bespoke Shopping - If we cannot find the right garments or fit, then custom made pieces, or alterations are recommended. With Dominique's fashion design background she will be able to assist in designing the perfect piece, or guiding the alterationist in tailoring the fit for you.


A bargain aint a bargain unless its something you need. ~Sidney Carroll

Professional Shopping will allow you to:

  • Feel confident that you have a professional opinion at your side
  • Have items preselected for you
  • Stay focused on what you need to compliment your existing wardrobe and find the right pieces to expand your selection
  • Know which brands are designed for you
  • Save time and money going to stores tailored to your specific needs [your shape, personality, lifestyle and budget]
  • Have the right outfit for every occasion