Dominique Vaughan Russell image expert in wardrobe, personal shopping, grooming, etiquette, assessments and first impressions
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A unique personal brand combines your personality, career, lifestyle and age.

The many sides of "me"
Express your complexity and sophistication through your wardrobe. Today we all have more roles to fill than at any previous time in history. Each role is associated with a different look appropriate for that role - a look that communicates values, attitudes, moods, intentions, goals and actions.

To bring out the true you, Dominique will guide you in creating your own unique signature style, your "personal brand", taking personality, career, lifestyle, and age into consideration. The way you care for and carry yourself, the clothes you wear, your personal style, your poise and presence are all elements of who you are and how you live. A positive personal appearance creates a memorable image, reflecting your personality, values, attitudes, interests, roles and often your goals.

The key to creating your own personal brand is allowing you to be distinctive and not blindly follow trends or stereotypes. We are all individuals with our own unique combination of personality traits. As a holistic Image consultant, Dominique will analyze your personality type [Are you dramatic, classic, traditional, creative...], evaluate your lifestyle needs and assist you in creating your own "personal brand" that is unique and true to you.

What you wear speaks so loudly i cannot hear what you say

A Personality/Lifestyle Assessment will allow you to:

  • Discover what your personality type is and how to reflect this appropriately in your image
  • Present yourself in a signature style that represents the best in you
  • Create different looks for your many roles and interests
  • Make a positive and memorable first impression