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Observing international etiquette differences including cultural differences in attire

In this global economy the importance of international etiquette has never been more significant. The value of understanding the multitude of cultural differences and being able to handle any international business situation with confidence is immeasurable.

Dominique's international background has given her first hand experience in the diversity of our many cultures. Discover how communication styles are all different. Learn that what you wear in your country is not necessarily acceptable in another and how a handshake can be offensive or the wrong gift can insult.

                                                         ~~  Gain the competitive edge  ~~

Your skills can get you in the door; your people skills are what can seal the deal

Understanding International Etiquette Will Allow You To:

  • Handle international business situations with confidence,
  • Understand the multitude of communication differences
  • Dress appropriately
  • Understand cultural gift giving etiquette