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Fifty per cent of first impressions are based on appearance alone. The image you or your company presents reflects personality, values, capabilities and a level of professionalism. Visual messages, such as body language, facial expressions, the way you dress and present yourself, as well as etiquette and grooming all impact on how you are perceived.

As your image consultant Dominque will work hand in hand with you on all aspects of your visual presentation, creating a unique and favorable impression, whether you are going for a promotion or interview, trying to win over a client or wanting to improve your overall image for personal reasons, the message you convey must be authentic to you and convincing to your audience.

Together you will review your current image and set goals towards achieving a recognizable and distinct identity that matches your personality, body type and desired objectives, working within your budget to transition your image to the next level, empowering you to present yourself with confidence and style.

Take a few minutes to review some of our image enhancement services and discover how you can maximize your full potential.