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Formal table setting for a dinner party

Dining etiquette can be critical to career and job search success!
Business relationships are developed and strengthened in social situations, particularly if the job requires a certain standard of conduct with clients and superiors. Allow them to scrutinize your conduct and table manners and pass with flying colours!

Meeting the in-laws, invited to dine at an important business or social function, feel out of your depth and don't want to embarrass yourself? Dining etiquette is a skill that will take you anywhere.

Dominique's International background and professional image training makes her uniquely qualified to share her expertise with you in perfecting your dining etiquette.

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Manners make the man

Understanding Dining Etiquette Will Allow You To:

  • Feel comfortable in formal and informal dining experiences.
  • Know the duties and responsibilities of the host and the guest
  • Polish your table manners
  • Understand cutlery usage and proper table setting
  • Get comfortable with eating difficult foods
  • Comprehend the differences between Continental vs. American style
  • Discover the differences in international dining etiquette