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Your employees are the face of your company; they reflect your corporate energy, passion, expertise and professionalism. Your employee's image should represent your corporate brand with a polished professional presence that is consistent with your brand image.

People are an organizations most valuable asset. Whether your dress code is professional, business casual, or uniforms, their appearance, behavior and communication skills significantly affect your brand and your bottom line.

A positive customer/client experience can be the key differentiator for most companies in terms of strong relationships and continued patronage from customers.

Whether your organization is small or large, locally based, or international, we will tailor our services to meet your goals and objectives, enhancing your employees professional presence, and boost your business's potential.

Customized Programs based on Your Goals and Objectives:

  • Lunch and Learns
  • Workshops (Half day, Full day and multi-day)
  • Individual coaching sessions
  • Value added services for clients


Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow. Workshop Options


(Choose one or more of the below Topics to create a custom program)

Custom Programs:
Dominique will work with your business to develop programs catering to your particular needs, goals and objectives in order to deliver an inspiring and motivating message that targets specific areas of interest or concern.

Global Awareness Program [G.A.P.] 

A 2 day training program for multi-national corporations wishing to improve thir teams' effectiveness across all borders and succees in this global economy

International Etiquette and Cross Cultural Awareness
In this global economy the importance of international etiquette has never been more significant. The value of understanding the multitude of cultural differences and being able to handle any international business situation with confidence is immeasurable.

International Travel protocol
Cross cultural contrasts and comparisons. Acquire a comprehensive understanding of cultural variables on negotiations, management styles, dining etiquette and more.

Maintaining Brand image
Gain and retain customer loyalty through consistent branding. Unify your employees image with your corporations brand image.

Dressing for success & Dress Code Policies/Guidelines
Extensive guidelines for professional attire, from business casual to formal professional. We will coach your group in how to portray more confidence, credibility and professionalism.

Opening Doors with Executive Etiquette
Learn to project more power, credibility and confidence. The powerful presence and polished social skills of your organization's executives can translate into immeasurable opportunities for growth and profit.

Exceeding Expectations in Customer Service
Our social skills have a direct impact on how successful we are in conducting ourselves eloquently in business.
Understand the intricacies of Business Etiquette giving you and your executives the professionalism you need to advance to the next level, providing added respect and credibility to your organization.

Dining Etiquette
Mastering dining etiquette is essential in today's business world. More and more business is being conducted outside the office. Increasingly, business deals, interviews and promotions are being made over a meal. Having a firm knowledge of the rules of dining etiquette will give you and the representatives of your organization the confidence to focus on the guest and the conversation instead of which fork to use.

Professional Dress for Executives & Managers: The Power of Professional Presence
Increase your organizations professional presence. It is important to realize the impact the image you present has on others. Boost your business potential through the improved Appearance, Behavior and Communication of your team. Take yours to the next level and gain the competitive edge.

Professional Dress for Uniformed Employees
The customer facing members of your organization have a direct impact on your overall credibility and level of professionalism. Ensure they leave a lasting and favorable impression on your customers/clients by looking polished and professional at all times.

Workshop Options


Perceptions are Reality
You only have 5 seconds to make a first impression
Maximize your wardrobe, grooming and etiquette potential.
Acquire more sophistication, present yourself with total confidence and authority and realize the power of professional presence.