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Corporate workshops supporting employee development and professional growth.

Corporations spend millions of dollars developing a brand image. The Image of your customer facing team should support that brand image, as they are your front line representation.

The image you present reflects your values, your capabilities and your level of professionalism. Visual messages, such as body language, facial expressions, the way you dress and present yourself, as well as etiquette and grooming all impact how you are perceived.

Your organization is significantly affected by the image and behavior of your employees. They are the ambassadors of your organization. The image they present determines how your organization is perceived by customers, the community, and the marketplace, and that directly impacts your bottom line!

Dominique offers a number of corporate services that can unify your teams professional presence with your corporate brand image. Through a briefing process, Dominique will document your brands culture, attributes and guidelines, and develop a customized proposal based on your specific needs.


Corporate Uniforms: Implementing Corporate Identity into uniforms
Your employees are an extension of your brand. We will work with your team to develop uniforms that reflect your brand identity, add credibility, and make your employees recognizable as being representatives of your organization.

Dress Codes and Policies:
We will assess and refine appropriate dress codes for your organization and it's desired professional image.
Assure your clients that they are in capable and professional hands by portraying an image in line with your organizations level of professionalism.

Casting Wardrobes: Television, Film and Commercials
Visual presentation is key in portraying a sense of who you are, what you represent and the position you hold in any company. Contact Dominique for direction in determining the correct look for any television, film or commercial project.


Matching your Corporate Attire and Uniforms with your brand image will allow you to:

  • Build consistency with brand values and image
  • Communicate professionalism and confidence
  • Maintain a desired level of customer impression appreciation
  • Provide a level of accreditation and authority to staff members
  • Provide a recognizable corporate face and contact point for clients and customers