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Sample showing the various colour groups signifying the importance of colour analysis due to the wide array of colour groups

Colour can influence how you feel and how you look. The right colours will make you look more radiant, rested and youthful. Your WOW colours will make you look vibrant, and feel incredible.
Knowing what colours bring out your best and what colours to wear for different occasions is key in your ability to affect and influence people. Colour analysis is the first step in maximizing your image potential.

Dominique uses a process of colour draping to analyze your skins response to cool and warm colours and ultimately pinpoint the colours that harmonize with your natural colouring. From this individual colour pallet, Dominique takes it one step further to discover your Wow colours - those colours that make you shine, radiating health and confidence.

You will also discover your most flattering neutral colours and how they work best for your wardrobe staples such as suits, jackets and pants. You will then see how you can use accent colours to give you that wow factor. For instance, it's amazing to see what a power tie can do to a neutral suit or the correct shade of lipstick can do for your smile.

Dominique will professionally determine what your personal colour palette is and offer you a handy wallet containing fabric swatches and colour combination tips for future reference.

The best colour in the whole wide world is the one that looks good on you

A Personal Colour Analysis will allow you to:

  • Look radiant, confident and coordinated
  • Simplify shopping & save money by avoiding costly mistakes
  • Know how and when to wear your best colours
  • Know which colours to avoid
  • Make an impact when you dress
  • Understand how colour influences others
  • Make the right changes to hair and make-up colour