Dominique Vaughan Russell image expert in wardrobe, personal shopping, grooming, etiquette, assessments and first impressions
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Dressing with authority wearing business attire.

Learn to project more power, credibility and confidence.

The impact you have is determined in the first 5 seconds, and as your image consultant, Dominique will guide you through the art of appropriate business attire and how to dress with authority.

The ability to communicate and listen is often assumed to be a given.
Unfortunately, this is a valuable skill too often neglected in our self-improvement journey. Dominique will coach you in effective communication and how to interpret the verbal and non-verbal signals that we all experience on a daily basis.

                                        ~~   Unlock the power to change your life  ~~

High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectation

Understanding Business Etiquette Will Allow You To:

  • Establish your professional presence and make positive and lasting first impressions
  • Take charge through effective use of nonverbal communication
  • Create your virtual presence: Electronic protocol and courtesies
  • Effectively manage meetings
  • Feel comfortable and confident at business conferences, parties, and corporate events.