Professional Toronto Image Consultant and stylist Dominique Vaughan Russell, specializing in image enhancement
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Dominique Vaughan-Russell

Toronto Image Expert Dominique Vaughan Russell, specializing in Personal and Corporate image enhancementDominique Vaughan-Russell  AICI FLC

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Global Bridger with      Professional Passport

Dominique is a dual citizen of Canada and the UK. She was born in India, grew up in Hong Kong, and has a lifetime of experience in international travel. An expert in personal and corporate image enhancement and cultural awareness, Dominique specializes in building better intercultural relationships and resolving cross-cultural misinterpretations.

With over 25 years of experience in the fashion and design business, Dominique goes far beyond the superficial concept of "personal makeovers", she understands style, quality, and fit as well as the importance confidence and presence plays in achieving both your career and personal goals and objectives. As a global traveler, she is very well versed in international cultures and customs and is able to interpret these trends and incorporate their influence on clients' appearance, behavior and communication.

Dominique is a dynamic international presenter and conducts workshops as well as individual consultations, on all aspects of image enhancement, as well as her training programs on intercultural communications and cultural intelligence which bridge the cultural gaps, improve cultural agility and bring the global business world into focus, resulting in increased global success.

A graduate of the International Image Institute, Dominique is also certified a Global Bridger with Professional Passport, holds a degree in Fashion Merchandising in addition to certificates in Professional Modeling and Makeup. Dominique is a member of AICI-Association of Image Consultants International and part of an international team of specialized Cultural Intelligence consultants with Professional Passport.

Dominique will coach and guide you or your company in communicating effectively across cultures as well as achieving your unique personal brand. When you present your authentic self to the world, to your best possible advantage, your self-confidence will soar ~ inspiring you to realize your full potential.'

Nothing succeeds like the appearance of success.~Christopher Lasch