A Toronto fashion consultant stylishly dressed while shopping for a client looking to make a first impression.
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You only have 5 second... to make a first impression

Maximize your wardrobe, grooming and etiquette potential.

The image you project reflects your personality, your values, your capabilities and your level of professionalism - your "personal brand". Whether you are looking to advance your career, improve your corporate image, acquire more sophistication, or enrich your personal life, how you present your unique personal brand sets you apart from the crowd and is absolutely vital to your success.

Hiring an Image Consultant is an invaluable investment in your future

Have you ever:

  • Wondered why you were being passed up for promotions
  • Bought clothing you never wear but don't know why
  • Found it challenging to mix and match more that 2 outfits with every item of clothing
  • Wondered why you always look tired in a certain colour
  • Been discouraged trying to find clothes that fit your body type
  • Envied someone else's presence and style
  • Wished you knew how to adapt fashion trends to suit you
  • Had difficulty figuring out what is appropriate to wear to what meeting or function
  • Felt intimidated about knowing the appropriate etiquette at a business function or social gathering 

Confidence and presence play a crucial roll in achieving both your career and personal goals. Most people don't realize how much image impacts their professional and personal success. Image enhancement will unlock infinite opportunities.

Dominique Vaughan-Russell

Is a certified Professional Personal Image Consultant in Toronto, Ontario. She is an expert in image enhancement and personal branding. Much more than a personal stylist, Dominique specializes in colour analysis, body and personality assessments; she maximizes wardrobe, grooming and etiquette potential for both men and women. Dominique's confident style and sophisticated elegance inspires clients to achieve their full potential. Her international background and successful fashion design career make her the premier professional in the image consulting industry.

Open new doors. Give yourself the edge. Create your own personal brand.
Imagine the possibilities

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"Having worked with a number of image consultants, I find Dominique exceptional in the following aspects:

First, Dominique is a certified and professionally trained image consultant. She knows her stuff. Some other "image consultants" in our area have no formal education in fashion and called themselves such. Hiring them is like having your dentist cousin to defend you against a traffic charge. You will get burnt.

Second, Dominique has the talent to pick up great pieces among inexpensive selections. With her, I feel like dressed as well as king in any price range. Some other image consultants like recommending gear among the most expensive pieces in every category to "guarantee" the result. Well, if you buy the most expensive anything, of course it's not going to be bad, but it can be a waste of money on the client's side. I take Dominique's ability and willingness to go over inexpensive items and find out the jewels among those as a rare virtue in her profession.

Third, Dominique enjoys her profession in image consultation. I have met many who work with their clients like how a public defender goes through a bulk of unfortunate defendants. To them, it's just "pay time." Dominique, however, has enthusiasm in fashion and image. She is secured and has her hobbies. Everytime I see her, she is relaxed and energetic, unlike some others who is usually exhausted because they just helped a dozen of clients earlier that day. Therefore, I find Dominique always the most pleasant to work with."

Mr M Wang




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